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Electric Top Blanket EOB180C

With the MOA overblanket you have a warming electric blanket at your disposal everywhere in the house. Put the plug in the socket, put the blanket over your body and enjoy the warmth. Due to the size of 180 cm by 130 cm, it is large enough to lie under with your partner or child. The blanket is made of synthetic fleece material, so it always feels wonderfully soft.

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Most important features

  • Electric overblanket
  • Material: fleece
  • Size: 180 cm by 130 cm
  • Voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • Power: 160 W
  • Adjustable heat setting: yes
  • Number of heat settings: 6
  • Turns itself off after 3 hours
  • Blanket can be washed by the detachable controller
  • Protected against overheating

Instruction manual

If you want to know everything about the product and the possibilities it offers you, download the manual.

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